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Volvo XD-1 speed record
« skrivet: januari 19, 2009, 11:41:17 »
Hi there,

I am an enthusiastic collector of historic data and photographs, as well as scale models, of speed record cars.

One such car is the Volvo XD-1 (Experimental Diesel 1) which set a speed record on 1st September 1978 on the Landvetter Airport of Goteborg of 209,180 km/h. The driver, and builder of the car was Carl Magnus Skogh.

I have found some information and pictures of the car as it is in the Volvo Museum which I have used to modify a 1:43 model to represent the record car. However, I am a member of the "Speed Record Club" and have been asked to see if I could do an article on this modified Volvo 343 record for our quarterly magazine called "Fast Facts", but have not been able to find any pictures of the record car that I could use in the article!

The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport did an article in their December 1979 issue with some pictures, but while I am allowed to use the text, they have stated that I cannot use the pictures which have copyright.

Unfortunately, without pictures the article is not as interesting.

Would any of the Forum members have such historic pictures I can use or know where I could find these?

All help is very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for only using English, but I already have difficulties just reading the Swedish language.


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SV: Volvo XD-1 speed record
« Svar #1 skrivet: januari 19, 2009, 14:36:23 »

I have been without knowing there ever was an Volvo XD-1 car.

On 300power clubs homepage there are som information and som pics:

I found some information about Carl Magnus on His phone number is also listed there. ( )

Here is also a link i found. Much historic facts listed on that site:

Check page 55 in this pdf: - Some info in German(?)

Here is also some other links, but i can't understand the language written.

You have probably already seen the most of those links, but there may be some that you have missed.


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SV: Volvo XD-1 speed record
« Svar #2 skrivet: januari 21, 2009, 16:07:51 »
Hello Girder!

Thank you for your reaction, and the effort you have gone through to get all the links together.

I must admit that with the exception of the Hungarian one I did know these, and unfortunately the pictures are all ones that I already know. What also was new to me was the address of Carl Magnus Skogh. As I do not speak any swedish at all, I will send him a letter and ask him if he has something I could use.

I have had a reaction from the Volvo Museum, but they say they have no pictures at all, and from Volvocars Sweden, their Global Customer Relations has sent me two fairly large resolution (not Hi res) photos that I had only seen as very small pictures.

However, pictures like with the article in the December 1979 issue of Auto Motor und Sport I have not been able to find, and the German magazine does not allow me to use the photos for the article in our Speed Record Club magazine.

I continue my research.


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SV: Volvo XD-1 speed record
« Svar #3 skrivet: juni 26, 2011, 09:50:47 »
It was a long time ago, but how did it went Arieb? Did you get some more information or pictures later?

"Det är viktfördelningen på volvo 3-serien som är hemligheten bakom dess fina vägegenskaper"  8)
Christer Glenning i Trafikmagasinet 7/1 1983.