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Drivlina/Växellåda / New gearbox mounts now available for the 360
« skrivet: november 04, 2015, 00:30:57  »
I have been asked for a number of years now to make the gearbox mounts for the 360. Well time has come and they reached the top of my project list and with a bit of thinking and testing a few ideas I have come up with sothing that works. As the original mounts were made from a very soft rubber I have used the very softest PU I could for these so as not to transmit vibration. For race cars where vibration does not matter I could on request make them in a slightly harder material

these are built to last using stainless steel plates and tubes and the poly that does not degrade like rubber does.

Gruppköp / Possibility of free delivery to Sweden..
« skrivet: april 26, 2015, 22:16:45  »
There is a strong chance I will be sending my dad on a trip to Tierp Sweden to collect a car.

If this goes ahead I will be able to offer free delivery to anyone wanting parts in the area. He will not be able to drive all around dropping door to door but can meet up in a couple of location on route to collecting the car.

It would be a good way to get some larger items over or even save on deposit and return costs of coilovers etc. It does not have to be 300 series parts but anything off my site

If there is enough interest then it will happen.

Framvagn/Bakvagn / Power steering rack repair
« skrivet: juli 04, 2014, 21:21:41  »
The tie rod ends for the power steering racks are no longer available and have not been for some time now. I have a rack here that use to try and find some tie rods that can be made to fit with only slight modification or even ideally something that will work as is. If not I will need to try and find a company that can re make them in small numbers.

This problem has been around for a while, has anyone here found a solution?

Gruppköp / Quick rack
« skrivet: juni 15, 2014, 22:41:33  »
Is there any interest in a higher geared rack and pinion to fit into the original 300 series rack? The gearing would reduce the number of turns of the steering wheel to 2.5 turns lock to lock.

 These kits will be ideal for track cars especially drifting or autotest and rally cars

 Price is £300+ delivery (Buyers in Sweden could have all the kits sent to a single address to save on shipping)

 The kit does need to be assembled into your existing steering rack as I do not have any LHD cores to offer an exchange on

I would ideally need at least 10 confirmed orders to get these produced. If there was a lot of interest to make a bigger production run then the price might come down a little bit.

Reply if you are interested

Säljes / Classic Swede uprated parts
« skrivet: januari 19, 2013, 00:18:26  »
Hej 300 power forum members.

I'm sure many of you will have already seen some of my products over time but I thought I would start this thread to let you know what I have on offer.

Polyurathane (PU) Bushes,

I'm sure I do not need to school you on the advantages of poly bushes but here are some of the main advantages for those who are not so familiar
Improved suspension location,
Low noise and vibration harshness,
do not degrade with age,
Resistant to oil and grease
no special tools are needed for fitting.

I'm nearing the end of developing the 300 series range and should have the full range completed this year. The range available now can be seen at

300 series adjustable dampers.

At the moment our dampers are 40 point adjustable and can be adjusted on car so there is no need to remove them to make changes to the damper settings. The dampers are of twin tube construction but mono tube dampers could be built to special order. We can build anything you want within reason so if you have a special project get in touch and we probably help.
Stock dampers can be seen here

300 series lowering springs and blocks,

Our most common lowering springs are for 50mm and 75mm lowering. These are stiffer than original to reduce body roll and firm up the ride. We offer a standard track or drift option spring but again custom springs can be produced to order. The lowering blocks are again 50mm and 75mm and are all suplied with fixing bolts and nuts to complete the installation.

Exhausts and manifolds ,

Our exhaust components are all stainless steel for long service life. A small stock of manifolds will be held and I will soon also make a stock of free flowing exhaust systems. At the moment full systems are only made to order.

A good stock is also held of standard replacment parts, only some of this is listed on the site so if you do not see what you need then please get in touch.

I update my facebook page and the volvo300mania facebook page with new products as they become available. I will try to do the same here.

If you have questions about parts or need further infomation please get in touch.

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